The Western Japan Floods

We need your help!!

One month has passed since the disaster occurred, it takes a long way to reconstruction…

United Earth is based in Uwajima-city, Ehime prefecture, and we are carrying out reconstruction support activities.

◆About United Earth
United Earth is a social cooperative body which brings together NPOs, NGOs, social activists, managers, artists, students, and other citizens with a shared philosophy, with the goal of contributing to and making an impact on society through group influence. It is a private voluntary organization and was launched in January 2010.

◆Our activities in Uwajima
Uwajima is famous for the production of mandarin orange, but due to the inflow of sediment, the road to the plantation is interrupted, the sprinkler is damaged, It is difficult to continue farming work such as irrigation and control.If this situation persists, not only the aging citrus farmers, but also farmers who recently farmed for industrial restoration, may be obliged to consider farming.

We are conducting support activities in coordination with local organizations and all local governments to improve those situations.
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◆We are looking for volunteers.

◆We accept donations.We appreciate your cooperation.